Science Toy Award 2017 Finalists

Summary STA 2017.jpg

The finalists of the Science Toy Award 2017 are:

Category 1 (6-11 years):

For this year, in this category Trends UK has stollen the show. Three of its toys have made it to the finals.

  • 360 Super HD Microscope from Trends UK – A high definition microscope that allows the kids to discover the beauty and joy of the smallest of worlds. The expert jury panel concluded “Good value for money , open ended, highest STEM knowledge / skill development score”. For more information check:
  • Magnaflex by WowWee – Is a new toy that allows to design and construct using magnets. The expert jury panel said “Non-gendered, children can experience magnetism and develops design skills “.
  • Insta Snow by Trends UK – Made from a polymer similar to the ones used in baby nappies for quick absortion, this toy allow children to experiment and observe a quick chemical reaction, making it fun and surprising. The expert jury panel explained “It is a relatively inexpensive, fun, non-gendered, students learn about materials, absorption, and practice some basic lab skills (mixing, quantities, etc.)”.

Category 2 (under 6 years):

  • HIX by Moluk – Are convertible, flexible and colourful construction cones suitable for all ages. They can combine with other Moluk products. The expert jury concluded “It is a fun, non-gendered, open ended toy, allows children explore shapes and geometry”


Special mention:

  • Cubetto by PrimoToys – A preschool toy that allows kids to learn logic steps used in computer coding . The expert jury panel said “It is creative and open ended, children develop important programming skills”