Primary School Kids´ Vote

We invited students from Primary Schools in London to participate as young jury panel of the Science Toy Award. Students from Year 3 had the chance to play with the three final toys and cast the vote for the winner. The winner will be announced in mid-September and showcased at the Science Museum London retail shop.

We are grateful to all the scientists and engineers who volunteered to take the award to the schools, to the teachers who were involved and enabling and ofcourse to all the children for their enthusiam, motivation and curiosity.

So far 154 students belonging to 5 different primary schools in London casted their vote.

The experience in schools so far has been fantastic, children hardly needed any instructions, they were absorbed by the game, they were active and excited, asking questions, finding their own solutions. Their excitement was contagious.

Holy Ghost School

Sellincourt School

St Mary´s Primary School

Southmed School


The Lyceum School